Are you a football fanatic and never want to miss any football activities? I got a great web tv for you. Carlsberg Brewery recently launched partofthegame.tv, an online football tv channel.

Partofthegame.tv launched 5 channels showing all aspects about football, from classic football matches to life as a fan, as the following:

1. Football Magic
Most unforgettable matches, moments and miracle in football world shared here
2.Fan Life
True football fans like you who have your own rituals and chants can tell your stories here
3.Half time
Find out what goes on beyond the game, outside the stadium, and take a look behind the scenes of clubs, teams and organizations.
4.On Tour
The team is touring all over the world. When you travel to major footbal cities, get inspiration and advise on where to go and what to do
5.Our Game
Carlsberg supports football with great passion and dedication, proved by all their commercials, sponsored events and tournaments.

Join for free. You can watch your football video as you like. You can rate, share and give comment to all contents. Even upload your favourite football moments is so easy here.

Don’t wait any longer, go to this site and join for free.


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