Making an interlocal or even an international call charges a high price. There is an alternative way in communicating, internet telephony, a feature which uses VOIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This technology has already been developed long time ago. But, it grows rapidly along with more providers offer this service. By only using a headset to substitute the phone device, we can use one of internet calling facilities, either from PC to PC, PC to landline phone (PSTN), PC to mobile or even from phone to phone. With lower cost compared with interlocal or international call.

PC to PC conversation has become easier and we can say it is free except its internet connection charges. Nobody unfamiliar with Skype which has made VOIP popular among the netters, or Yahoo Messenger with Voice and Google Talk which comes later, and of course this conversation can only be performed if only both of the users are online and use the same software. But, at least, it can be an alternative way to spend less cost for distant communication. Internet telephony or VOIP recently can be done not only from PC to PC but also from PC to landline phone or mobile and even from phone to phone. This conversation must be done through the service of Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP) which provides a gateway for PC to be connected to landline phones or mobile, landline phones or mobile to the internet and vice versa. Indeed, this service is not free but remains cheaper than the regular tariff of interlocal or international call in Indonesia.

Actually VOIP can be implemented in every internet network, even to small bandwidth. But, since every conversation are splitted to data packages, the high quality voice often heard unclear. It is not the same with regular calls, the data is not sent to the receiver successively, but sent to different lines. The data will arrive in the right series depends on the internet recent load.
However, with sufficient bandwith, the data package flow can be done with no interruption and continuously until the data has been used up. So, there is no risk to lose the pieces of voice package to be sent to the receiver.

Internet telephony is not limited to voice connection, but also to video or multimedia communication. Beside that, the technology has been developed to mobile devices using the WiFi technology.


Anee mengatakan... @ 11 Maret 2009 14.30

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