If we travel abroad regularly, we are often burdened by the high cost of communication, especially with the international roaming charges. Moreover, making an international call will spend your call credit faster.

Nowadays, there are several telecommunication providers which serve customers who often travel abroad. By using an international SIM Card, we will be able to decrease or even acquit the charge of our international communication roaming.

MAXroam is a "Travel SIM Card" from Cubic Telecom Ltd headquartered in Ireland. The card can be used by everybody and everywhere worldwide with some features which are similar to regular SIM Cards. But, from other similar products, MAXroam SIM is twice and even three times cheaper which is completed with the same features and also offer a more competitive rates.

The incredible features are the ability to add up to 50 card numbers into one MAXroam card. We can have local numbers from 28 different countries and if someone calls us from any numbers, we can still receive his call everywhere. We can have up to 50 numbers from the same country. Imagine that we are able to give one of them to our close friend, one number to a business client and one more to our new date :).

The principle method of MAXroam is not different from regular prepaid SIM card. If we feel interested, we can buy the card online, do an activation on their site and choose local numbers from countries we visit regularly. Then, we can enjoy their service directly (sms, calling and receiving a call everywhere) by using regular GSM mobile phone. We can check our credit balance and refill it on their website directly from MAXroam menu in our mobile phones by using a PIN code and credit card. Enjoy it :).


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