Recently mobile phone users can share their location to their family or friends using Google Latitude, a new application which has just announced by Google. This application is integrated to Google Maps and can be used in a mobile phone or as a iGoogle gadget which is able to be installed in our PC. So, with Google Latitude, we can track the location of our beloved one or friends who willing to share their location to us.

This application uses all communication services offered by Google which enables many people to stay connected through short messages, Google Talk, Gmail or by status update. The users can also change their profile photos while being on the way.

Google Latitude uses “signal” from mobile phones, WiFi or GPS to find someone’s position. If we use a mobile phone, Latitude tracks our location only based on the signal from nearest BTS (Base Transceiver Station).

As all of us know that information regarding someone’s location has come to privacy, Google fills many privacy features in its “Latitude”. The users can decide whom will they share their exact location to. For instance, if you are during a vacation to Paris with your new date, you can show your last visit to Venezuela as your current location to your lover by changing the configuration manually. Latitude lets you change the configuration per person which means you can share your location in different places to different people, you can also hide your location.

There are 27 countries can access Google Latitude through BlackBerry, S60, Google Android or Windows Mobile Operation system via google.com/latitude. Moreover, PC users can visit google.com/latitude, install Latitude iGoogle gadget and start sharing their location from PC.


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