The new BlackBerry Storm perhaps is the most important RIM's phone since the first Pearl became available back in 2006. The RIM introduces a touch screen handset with a brand new interface ready to take on the current smartphone lover, Apple's iPhone 3G.

The Storm comes with no physical keyboard. Its touch screen physically reacts like a button via SurePress, a RIM patented technology of providing haptic feedback.

The innovation is more complete with its 3.25 in (8.3 cm) TFT-LCD flat touch-sensitive scratch-resistant screen with 360 X 480 pixel resolution and able to display 65,536 colours. You don’t need to use a stylus here since it uses a capacitive touch screen. Touted as a 'clickable' touchscreen, it's supposed to feel like you're actually pressing a physical button rather than an unresponsive glass screen when using the Storm, which RIM claim makes the experience far more interactive and user-friendly than expected.

Feeling enough? Not yet? There is another new things from the Storm. If the Storm is held upright as normal, then a SureType keypad is displayed, same with the Pearl, but if you rotate the phone into landscape orientation, a full QWERTY keyboard appears for faster and even more accurate typing! This thing has surely the greatest advantage the Storm has over its rivals.

For camera, the device has a built-in 3.2 megapixel camera located on back which features a flash, autofocus, and has video recording capabilities with a maximum resolution of 480 x 352 pixels. It is able to play most video files, including MPEG4 and WMV formats, and you may stream clips from sites such as YouTube.com directly to your phone.

The Storm features a built-in Assisted GPS receiver for the fastest location service. BlackBerry Maps is a very flexible software package which can not only plot a route, but highlight points of interest, bookmark favourite spots or suggest locations based on a search term too.

A 624Mhz processor must keep things moving swiftly along, as will the 128MB of RAM. Internal storage is 1GB out of the box, however there is also a slot for a MicroSD card up to a huge 32GB in size, Incredible!

Find the complete specification here.


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