You should be alert for a virus 'supertrojan' threatens new Internet users. Computer security experts claim, the virus is difficult to detect using conventional security solutions.

Two malicious spyware, SpyEye and ZeuSTwo, believed to be 'working together' to form a new type called SpyZeus, writes FoxNews.com, on Saturday (05/04/2011). Computer security analysts urged users to always be vigilant against the virus.

Since October, experts have suspected, the hacker group behind Zeus, which is used to penetrate the site of Bank of America and NASA, leaving their creations and send the remaining codes to the creator SpyEye.

Now, a new version of the Trojan trail also appear. Chairman of research for the firm NetWitnee, Aex Cox, reminded to remain vigilant against cyber crime in any form.

"You have to be careful. (If there is a threat), your home computer certainly raises red flags. Also, if you asked something unusual in your login process, beware. Secondly it should be able to give a signal to us about something bad that happened, "advises Cox.


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