Many well-known bloggers who want their blogs, but some are not expecting this blog like I might hehehe ... joke. If I want my blog to be increasingly popular. Then why there are blogs that do not want known? The answer varies different alias that is possible for private interests or is also important that blogs can provide income without having famous. meneurut indeed I likewise do not have well-known blog if you want to get income from blogs. But that does not mean create a blog instantly have income. My point is to be introduced first blog to search engines like Google or Yahoo search enginenya. It also should raise the rank and link popularity first. Next, you can ignore your blog.

So the first step is you have to keep promoting your blog first to get the rank your blog a good blog, after that you can be more relaxed in the management or maintenance of your blog further.

Based on my experience a lot of the bloggers who are pursuing or Alexanya Google rank will be higher. But they did not understand the second rank. Please note that the Google rank is a rank that affect your Adsense ads but did not affect any other online business programs. If Alexa rank, too, not sure your blog is at the top in search engines Google, but very useful in a business program outside of Google Adsense.

So make friends bloggers who want to start blogging to get income, from now tentunkanlah Google rank or Alexa rank will you pursue.


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