The greatness of Sandy Bridge architecture will likely continue. Because the microprocessor giant, based in Santa Clara, Intel, reportedly now being seriously preparing to launch a series of Intel Xeon E3 newest plan will soon penetrate the world market this week as well.
According SemiAccurate, the presence of E3 Intel Xeon processor line will also package the 11 models the latest processor and three C200 series chipset motherboard. All processor models will be introduced in the E3-1200 product family, except one which is only based on quad-core version of the Sandy Bridge architecture.
Processor-processor that is already carried by the 8MB of L3 cache (except E3 and E3-1225-1220L) with the support of Intel’s Turbo Boost technology that reportedly can increase the operating frequency of the processor in accordance with the existing application loads. While the processor clock even this latest set-processors ranging from 3.1GHz up to 3.5GHz.
One of the Sandy Bridge processor produced by Intel that is the fastest Intel Xeon E3-1280, reportedly managed to outperform the Intel Core i7 Benchmarks 2600K after the test. This is certainly not separated by the presence of Hyper-Threading technology, which was adopted by the Xeon product line E3 and almost all the existing processors, except for entry-level processor E3 and E3-1220-1225.
About the price itself, unfortunately so far not been announced officially. However, many online retailers are even seem to have anyone dared membandrol processor-processor with prices ranging from 225 USD (about 2.25 million dollars) for entry-level processor Intel Xeon 1220 3.1GHz-E3, while the price of 686 USD (about 6.8 million dollars) for High-end processor Intel Xeon 1280 3.5GHz-E3. The existence of an Intel microprocessor E3-1200 series is reportedly also compatible with the motherboard that was built using the C200 series chipset.


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