One of the online gaming sites in Indonesia that currently most preferred by Internet users at the point blank there are many gaps to be a winner in the game.

This is the original cheat who is still active but, in fact we made ​​this cheat is not to taken for free by everyone, but because a lot of websites and blogs that discuss this issue and give away for free for the taking, but you Taukah that cheat a lot spread on blogs and web are all fake and therefore can be used to improve our name as the maker cheat cheat we will give it for free for the download to be able to prove that we make this cheat really be in use.

[*] Beret Champion = Reload Animation for All weapons
[*] Char Hack = Blood So 120 [RM Only]
[*] Spion = BM / Clan War
[*] Cash
[*] F3 = On Char Hack + Berets
[*] F4 = Off Char Hack + Spion Mode [ON]
[*] Press HOME once Cash = Cash Only Then Will Increase 2000 So You Want Buy Weapons.
How to use:

* Press F3 F3 Before Play Or Start Again When Loading Map
* Press F4 We Are Preparing for Game Writing Appears

Please download cheat point blank here : DOWNLOAD CHEAT


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