Samsung-owned company seemed to be overwritten after a keylogger problem was discovered by the author of Network World, in not one, but two Samsung computer. Therefore, placement of a number of files in the same location, the author who is also a security consultant, named Mohammed Hassan, said the fact that this may be intentionally made ​​by Samsung.

According to Hassan, when he spoke with a supervisor Samsung, supervisor explained that Samsung is aware of any software in the laptop Samsung, but thinks the software is only used to monitor engine performance laptop and how your laptop is used.

But, however, this incident seems a bit absurd. First, the keylogger problem has existed since long ago, and for that was to be dealt with antivirus software. According to Samsung, it received a claim from NetworkWorld.com it seriously and then immediately investigate this matter. Meanwhile, Samsung users who run an antivirus scan or those who check in his computer about the existence of a folder “c: \ windows \ SL”, reportedly saved StarLogger program (one of the keylogger) in the folder.

However, according to Samsung, when it uses security software VIPRE (which is also used Hassan), the folder does not matter because it was detected associated with the language of Slovenia for the application of Microsoft Live. In fact, the folder in the directory is empty SL will be detected is not a keylogger, Samsung added.


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