Maybe you've heard a lot of people who produce the sites on the Internet simply by registering as a member on a site.

Want to know the reason why they pay for each its members, it's because this time they should compete with other sites on the Internet to raise rengkin site belongs to them, I'll not elaborate please see 20 list of money-producing site on the internet.

1- Break.com - Break.com Members will be paid for each original video, pictures, or games that are uploaded to this site. If pictures, video, or games you have uploaded appear in Break.com Gallery page, we'll get paid $ 25. Very easy, right?

2- Edo.com - Domain parking. If you own 10 unused domains, park domains at Sedo.com tenth. This site will help provide content and advertising, for your domain that has not been used it can produce.

3- Entrecard.com - 1000 Sell Your Entrecard Credits with prices ranging between $ 4 $ -6. How to get credit so easy. You just do another Entrecard dropping as much as possible. For dropping once you get 1 credit. One Day You're limited only done 300 times dropping. So, in 1000 EC to collect after dropping about 4 days. Easy is not it? Only in 4 days you can get 4 $ -6 $.

4- Marketiva.com - Site internet service providers free trading. If you are an expert in Forex trading, this site can be tested. Once you are registered, you will get a capital of $ 5 (real money) to start trading. If you have not dared to trading, you can first exercise on this site with virtual money.

5- GlobalCashClicks.com - Earn money by getting a simple job, such as online surveys, paid to click, paid to sign up.

6- ReviewMe.com - Select ReviewMe article you like, write in your blog, and get up to $ 200 per article.

7- Shareapic.net - Host the images you have here, put the pictures that have been hosted at Shareapic it on your blog, or forum you are taking, and then get money every time your picture visits (per impression).

8- Vizu.com - Create a poll on this site, then place the poll on your site or blog. You'll get paid every one who participated in surveys that you put on your blog.

9- SliceThePie.com - Listen to music, give a little review, and get paid. Nominal size of what we get depends on the rating that we have, the lowest rating is one star that is equal to 0.3 pounds per track and the highest is five stars of £ 0.12 per track. To boost the ranking of these we must be diligent to comment on a song track.

10- GetAFreelancer.com - Sell your expertise in a particular field, and earn income.

11- Today.com - Create a blog, write articles in English according to the category you choose. The more popular your blog, the bigger the fee that you can receive. To start, they use the program Pay Per Impression. You will be paid $ 0002 each time the page you viewed. Every month there are contests that you can win. Prizes range from $ 50 - $ 300.

12- DonkeyMails.com - Pay Per Click. You'll get paid every time you see an ad. The minimum payout is only $ 1. There is a contest that you can follow with various prizes.

13- GetPaidMails.com - Pay Per Read Emails. In line with DonkeyMails. It's just that the ad will be directly delivered to your email address. The minimum payout is $ 8. There are so many ads you can see, so the minimum payout you can accomplish quickly.

14- DayTipper.com - Write a brief tips about a specific topic. If tips you received, you will be paid with a certain amount of money.

15- Google.com / Adsense - Create an English blog, put Adsense ads on your blog, and get paid every time the ad is clicked by visitors.

16- Twittad.com - Monetize your Twitter account you have with this site. How, you are only asked to change your Twitter background with the background of the advertisers.

17- Yuwie.com - If you've used to use Friendster, Facebook, or MySpace, the social networking site you can also try. You'll get paid per impression. That is, the more your profile page views, then your earnings will be growing exponentially.

18- YouSayToo.com - A combination of paid to Socialize, paid to blog, paid to upload, and paid to write. To sign up you will be paid $ 50. The minimum payout is $ 100.

19- Scour.com - you'll be paid for each search activity (searching) that you do on this site. The method is exactly the same as when you search on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, and so forth.

20- mturk.com (Amazon Mechanical Turk) - This site provides a variety of work done easily if humans do but hard to do computer. For example, create a trivia question, answering questions, placing objects in images, finding information, collecting and entering data from websites.

You would be paid to do every job.
For payment, most of the above site using PayPal payment media. You can get a free PayPal account at paypal.com site.
Happy count dollars!


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