It is not a metaphor to hear without ears. But, there is a new solution in overcoming hearing difficulties, to those who have problems with hearing or even to normal people in a crowded situation.

Mentioning "Bone Conduction" may still hard to be understood. But, when it comes the chance to try it out, we'll realize that to hear something is not only thorough our ears but it's also possible to hear through our cheeks, chin, forehead or other parts of head bones.

Nowadays, the implementation of Bone Conduction Technology has been widespread, from substituting the speaker function (including listening music to small devices like mobile phones), spy tools, to diving hearing equipment. Thing that comes to be a surprise is that we can find the implementations to this technology is not only to high value mobile phones but also to China products which are known for their low value mobile phone. Mito 228 is one of the example. It has integrated the technology with costs less than 2 million rupiahs. The manufacturer have patented the technology and has just launched the product in Indonesia.

Main feature of Mito 228
The presence of mobile phones with the vibration feature which are replacing the function of speakers has seize our attention, especially to China mobile phones which have exploited the features of analog TV receiver and double SIM Cards found in most of their products although in many different brands.

The basic of this feature is that an electromagnetic transducer - located in the backside of the mobile phone - changes the electrical signal into mechanical vibration. This vibration will propagate through solid objects; head bone - in this case - directly to the hearing center names Cochlea. The mechanical vibration will be directly changed into electrical vibration that will be read by our brain as a voice. The vibrator is able to change a table as a media to be a device like a membrane of a speaker too, so that although no speaker available, the vibration propagated to the table surface will be changed to a loud voice when the transducer nudges the table.

The vibration is claimed to be safe for people, since we have other natural situations with same condition. For example, when we closed our ears, we could still hear our own voice. How it works has also been approved by ENT doctors through hearing aids. The advantages of using this feature are it won't make tired our eardrum, it won't produce electromagnetic wave which is very hazardous since it can heat or burn the brain for intense usage.

To hear through the mechanical vibration in Mito 228 with the screen position faces out is not in common indeed. The other features of this mobile phone are dual GSM on, 2,6 inch touch screen LCD, MP3 and MP4 player, Radio FM, 1,3 MP camera, Bluetooth connectivity and GPRS.


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