We may not be too familiar with GPS tracking technology. A GPS tracking technology uses the Global Positioning System to track the accurate position of persons, vehicles or other things. It is very useful indeed when we would like to know the position of our family and our pets. But, I think it becomes annoying if my spouse knows in every corner I stay means I can not lie to her anymore where I stayed last night :).

But in other case, I agree with its ability to track the position of the car. A GPS tracking system for cars can be installed inside the compartment to enable you to track your car's location. The information regarding the car's location can be seen on electronic maps through special software or internet. It helps you to prevent your car from being stolen since the police can track the location through the signal emitted by the tracking system. If you have a son, you are able to know where your son drives your car and you will not worry where he is.

My company had purchased this GPS tracking system in order to track its valuable assets, company cars, workers and shipments. It allows my company to quickly place an engineer and send the closest one to meet a new customer demand. But I think it is quite a bother for the field engineer in my company when their boss can always track their position and call them anytime he needs.


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