When we install a new software which is the default editor of a file format, we can easily open the appropriate file. But, if it is uninstalled, the default editor will not return to the earlier software we usually used with. So, what should we do?

Computerfileextensions.com is the answer. This is a new site which founded in year 2008. The site will help you to fix the problem related with file extensions with its registry fixing software.

One day, I met a problem with torrent file extension. Installed software in my computer didn't detect the suitable file format. I luckily founded this site. Thousands of file extension provided here. I easily found file extension torrent page and it gave me three choices to fix the problem.

First, I could scan the computer for .torrent files problem with Free Torrent Scan. Second, I could repair the registry conflicts with Torrent Registry Repair. And the last choice was by installing the software. Wow, how easy it was! In just a single click, my problem was healed.

No more difficulties with file extensions. This site provides us complete information regarding the file extensions and a free scanner to fix the registry problem in one click.


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