There are many ways to back up short messages service (sms) in our mobile. But, I found an alternative way to back up messages in Symbian Mobile S60 3rd Edition to our email. We just need a simple application made by Wireless-Labs: Sms2Email.

Sms2Email directly forwards our messages right after they arrive to our mobile. So, you can still monitor the messages although your mobile is right away from your hand.

Another advantage by using sms2email is blacklist and whitelist facility. You can also arrange it to delete the original messages automatically. To try it on, make sure your GPRS and mms/email settings in your mobile are correct.

First Step
Download sms2email at this site. There are two versions available, Lite and Standard. We can try to install sms2email standard.

Second step
Set the parameter in Settings menu. Activate auto start feature if we want to run the application after restarting the phone/mobile. Autostart>>Yes.
For "email address", fill it with your email address, where would you forward the messages to. In "recipient name", fill with any names you like. At Sub menu "sms interval" fill it as your need. It is the amount of messages to be copied and forwarded to email in one dispatch. The amount range from 1 to 20. If you want the messages up to date, fill with "1".

Third step
In order to delete the original messages after the backup process, in menu "Delete incoming sms" >>Yes. To delete the message archives in sent/inbox folder right after it copies the messages, then choose "delete forwarding msg>>Yes". If you want to copy messages only from certain numbers, enable whitelist>>Yes. In white list menu, fill the numbers you would copy or backup. You can do the same for numbers you don't want to back up the messages from. (Enable Blacklist>>Yes)

Fourth Step
Next, in "forward bearer", you can choose the backup track. You can choose mms, email attachment or email body. Click "OK" and "Done".

Fifth step
To run the application, click "activate", (it will be changed to deactivate) service status: ON.

You can try it out now :)


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