We often suffer a headache when our internet quota reached an overlimit or when we have to overpay the phone bill in case of the kylobite usage become out of control. Maybe you often experiences this problem without realizes it. I have some tricks to save the data volume or our usage quota, as follow:

  1. Turn off the facilities which are not needed to the browser like images, pop-up and flash. This is useful to make the loading speed faster.
  2. Turn off the automatic updates on the computers such as windows update, antivyrus update, etc. It is better to set the update only in certain period or perform it manually.
  3. Make sure the computer is free from viruses, worms, trojans or spywares since it often transfer some data out of our intention.
  4. Subscribe the RSS of the favorite site via feed or email. With this facility, we are able to get the latest update of the site without visiting it.
  5. Prevent from opening a site page in a very long time. It is better to save the page and read it offline.
  6. Use an email address with POP3 facility, so that send and receive emails without visiting the site.
  7. Prevent the activities which obviously use much bandwidth like downloading, updating, video and audio streaming,etc. Those activities are proper to be done to time based connection.
Hope will be useful :)


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