There are hundreds of telecommunication providers worldwide, and Freecall is one of them which specially offer VOIP service. They serve not only from PC to PC calls, but also from PC to nearly all of landline phones. By using their service, we can make a cheap international call via internet.

Freecall offers free PC to PC calling service and also from PC to landline phones or mobile phones in several countries. However, it doesn't include our internet connection charges ;). If we make a call to countries outside their free coverage area, they will charge us their tariff which is still much cheaper than our regular international call.

It is easy to use their service. We just need to download the Freecall program, install it, create username and password, set up a headset to PC and dial the phone number or online free call user we'd like to call. If we make a free call to certain landline phones, there will be no charges except for the internet cost. This free call is limited to 300 minutes per week for 90 days (free days). If we have used all call minutes quota or we have passed the 90 free days, they will charge us their normal tariff. But, we are able to get extra free days simply by adding some funds to our account or buying some credits. We can use the credits for making a call to countries outside their free coverage area or from phone to phone in certain countries. Thing that is interesting here that beside making a call, we can also send messages.

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