Carding crime may happen anywhere and anytime. There are many factors can cause someone to be a victim of that kind of crime. People sometimes become careless and do not keep they credit card in a safe place. If they forget where they put their credit card, someone who unintentionally finds it will use it for shopping, while the pickpockets can anytime steal their wallets and get their credit cards.

Carding crime can also be done online. It may be caused by the carelessness and weakness of online service provider security system and the owner of Electronic Data Capture (EDC). Carding is also possible done by stealing information from a database which includes list of credit cards and its owner data, and then use it for online shopping or other online transactions.

The data steal can be made by hacking site or even done by the employees of a shop which has an EDC machine. This crime could be turned up in case of the security weakness which can be lapsed by several hacking techniques like SQL Injection.

In order to avoid carding crime, I will share you some tips as the following:

  1. You must ensure that you have kept your credit card in a safe place
  2. If you lose your credit card and identity card, you must report it to the police and block your credit card by calling its issuer immediately to have the card cancelled
  3. Do not bring more credit cards than necessary
  4. Be careful when disclosing your account number(s).
  5. Never share your sensitive and secret information to colleagues or friends
  6. Shred old, inactive credit cards
  7. Check your account periodically
  8. Shared account statement and receipt after review it.
  9. Do not write down your PIN, just memorize it.
  10. For online transaction, make sure you shop in the secure website which uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) marked with HTTPS on the Web Login.


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