Most of children feel worry facing medical surgery such as dental surgery, etc. Recently, PediSedate has been released as the solution so that they could enjoy the medical surgery and heal their worries.

PediSedate which looks like a mask can be connected to a game boy or CD player. When the children enjoy playing games and place the device on his or her head and swings the snorkel down atop the head, PediSedate will monitor respiratory function and distributes nitrous oxide, an anesthetic gas.

The colorful headset has a system for monitoring the patient, like a pulse-oximeter to slightly adjust the flow of gas in real time, meaning it's safer for the kid than just raw gas. The patient will hopefully feel sedated before entering the surgery room since they enjoy playing games or listening to music while they are being anesthetized.

Geoffrey A. Hart, the man who found the device who comes from United States claims the gadget has been accepted by children, parents and medical workers. PediSedate has been patented and implemented in New England, North America.


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