Sony Corp recently launched a walkman with Zappin modern technology. Zappin technology promises the listeners to choose their favorite songs without looking at the player.

During shuffle mode, the walkman listeners can hear a blast of the chorus of each song, let them to decide what song they like to be played. This process makes it easier and far faster than to listen to the first few seconds of the song.

The new W Series Walkman named NWZ-W202 is contained within a pair of earpieces in two inches long, which plug straight into the listeners' ears. The two earpieces are joined by a short wire which goes around the head of the listeners. The device is suitable for people exercising who do not like long wires.

During the shuffle mode, the NWZ-W202 player automatically detects and plays the main chorus part of each track, assisting you find the song you like, but if you do not like a song, a quick tap of a button on the device, will select another song. The device has 2 GB memory which makes it able to store about 300 songs. Nice :).


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