Sony Corp has released a new generation Console Game Playstation Portable. This new series named Playstation Portable 3000 has been the subject for web technology implementation, including new built–in microphone and improved brighter LCD screen with anti glare technology which will look better in any kind of ambient light and outside of direct sunlight and expanded video out.

The gadget has virtually identical looks with PSP 2000, but if we look it closer, you’ll get the slight differences. For instance, the “Sony” logo which usually stays in the right side has been moved to the left side.

This newest PSP can be used for making an internet call. The gadget has supported Skype software which enables the users to make a free call via internet and the communication will be easier with the built-in microphone.

PSP 3000 comes with 4 GB memory stick. If this gadget fits your taste, you can buy the device for USD 294 which is much more expensive than the previous PSP costs USD 169.


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