Installing various programs is not only belonging to mobile phones with Symbian, Windows Mobile or other operating systems. If we have a mobile phone with at least Java feature, we can also do the same, since most of mobile phones have Java feature.

Chatting has been a necessity instead of short messaging. We will spend less money by its GPRS than sending sms. We can get a free Yahoo Messenger application if we have at least Java MIDP 2.0 /CLDC 1.0 in our mobile phones. The application name is YMTiny. Have you ever heard about it? Yes, it is a Yahoo Messenger application with Java Micro edition for mobile phones so that we can run Tiny YM in our Java MIDP 2.0 mobile phones.

Never imagine YMTiny has all the features that Yahoo! Messenger has. But at least here we can see our friends’ status, sending BUZZ, sending messages with emoticons, and the most important thing is that we can get connected through Yahoo! Messenger. YMTiny also has a feature to arrange the signal of incoming messages – a vibrate sound or spangle light. We can arrange our status here.

Its appearance is far away from Yahoo! Messenger, since it is made for a simple phone, not complicated appearance. After signing in, YMTiny will show the contact list. We just need to choose one of them to chat. This application was invented by Yusuf Arif Rahmanto who is an Indonesian and has a great Java knowledge.

Visit this site to get YMTiny application through your mobile phone browser. But don’t forget to activate your GPRS before downloading the application.

Below are the other Yahoo Messenger Applications for Java based mobile phone:
Yamee: www.kressx-genesis.com
Ymess: www.debii.com
eBuddy: http://get.ebuddy.com


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