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People do not have to watch tv by sitting in a room anymore. With the new coming of some portable televisions which recently seem so popular, we can watch it anytime and anywhere.

Panasonic, one of the market competitors has also taken its part. Although they have produced several portable television products, Panasonic never stops making new innovation.

Lately, Panasonic has released a prestigious 1Seg portable TV with built-in AM/FM radio which is completely waterproof. They have improved the technology of Panasonic SV-ME850V 1Seg Portable TV to get better results. We can see its enhancement in better contrast ratio than their other former products. We can not only watch TV broadcast, but also enjoying music from radio and various audio formats playback with superior sound through its built in 280mWx2 speakers. We can play audio files in WMA, MP3 and AAC formats directly from SD and DHC card,

We can record up to 11 hours of television broadcast into a 32GB SDHC Card. Thing that looks interesting is that we can use our recording as a digital frame put up on its 5 “ QVGA Screen. Furthermore, we don’t have to be worry water splash will damage it. With its IPX6/IPX7 standard water proof feature, of course it will resist of water. It also comes with 3.5mm audio jack and a USB 2.0 port.

Along with SV-ME850V release, Panasonic has also offered several portable TV, such as Viera SV-ME750 and Viera SV-ME700, but the two types has no built in FM/AM radio tuner.