Social network sites and blogs are some examples of internet facilities that always connected. Social network site is a media for connecting ourselves with friends, families, etc, while blog is a media for expressing our ideas, opinions or any other things that come to your minds. Both of them can not be separated since by joining both of them, you can share your ideas or opinions to your friends or families.

By using Simplaris Blogcast, you can publish your blog to Facebook, and here are the way:
1. Open the browser, get access to Facebook, and log in to your account.

2. In searching box on the right corner of your account’s main page, simply type “simplaris blogcast”.

3. After finding the application, click the link on application’s name.

4. On the main page of the application, click Go to Application button.

5. Enter the address of your blog feed in Blog Feed URL box.

6. Continue by clicking Lets Blogcast button.

7. After clicking the button, a page with no feed or article will appear. Please click link update. Blogcast will check your blog contents.

8. To do some settings, enter the settings menu. You can arrange whether the update is automatic or not, arrange the blog name, etc.

9. Click the Save button to keep your recent setting. Now you can see your Facebook page filled with your blog posts.


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