Finally Mozilla Lab has released Prism 1.0 application in Beta version. By using this application, any computer users are able to make web applications of any sites at one time, with no help from developer or downloading special application from the site owner.

You just need to choose the icon and then put the shortcut on the desktop, mini bar or start menu. Whenever you’d like to visit the sites, just click the shortcuts. Easy, isn’t it? Moreover, you don’t need to open the browser anymore. Each site will appear on its own window.

This application is separated from internet browser which may be used together. So, whenever a crash happens to the browser, it will not affect the application. Mozilla admitted not all sites support the Prism. However, thousands of sites over the internet have worked well with the Prism.

Prism works well on Windows and Mac OS X 10.4. This function is actually similar with the feature in Google Chrome browser "create application shortcuts". In the Internet Explorer, the feature has not been accommodated yet.

Thing that makes it different with Chrome is that Mozilla offers standalone desktop application beside the add on Prism for Firefox. By installing the add on, Firefox users can directly make a web application of any site whenever they want it, then they just need to choose "convert to application" in tools menu.

Prism download is available in this site.


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