After reading the title above, of course we will consider it to be a car that can transform into a plane. This technology can overcome the traffic problem in many big cities. This year, the car will be produced massively in order to fill the order from many customers.

In United States, the Transition - the car’s name - has been unavailable, no stocks. Although it has a very expensive price, in $148,000 level, it’s still ordered by many customers in United States. The Transition can take 2 persons and has 185 km per hour speed. It is a carbon-fiber framed full road-going vehicle that automatically transforms between light aircraft and car in around 30 seconds, complete with fold-away flight controls inside the cabin.

In road-going mode, the Transition's driven by a 30 MPG regular gasoline engine that powers its front wheels. And fantastically the same engine also drives the vehicle's pusher-propeller. When its flying it can manage 115mph (its unclear whether that's air-speed or ground speed) and has a 450-mile range. The wings electrically crank in on the ground, meaning it will fit into a regular garage, and it even has regular car-like access doors--that automotive design is continued into the vehicle's crash structures too. Flying it requires a Sport Pilot's License.

Interested to test drive? Before it, enter the site or see its video below.


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