Six-Core Opteron AMD codenamed Istanbul has started to be sent to OEM customers, so that it will be available at the end of this month.

It is the first six-core server processor with Direct Connect Architecture for the server of two, four and eight platforms. This chip offers better speed up to 34 percent per watt compared with the previous generation of quad-core processor at the same platform. For the next couple weeks, this newest processor will be used by the system of Dell, HP, IBM, and Sun Microsystems. Moreover, support form motherboard partners will arrive soon.

HE, SE, and EE version of six-core Opteron AMD is scheduled to be available in the second semester of year 2009. Worrying about the upgrade cost? Don’t worry. The six-core Opteron AMD can use the current platform infrastructure or the architecture of DDR2 Memory with power efficiency.


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