Most people think Mozilla Firefox is the safest browser. The big support from open source community has made security holes that usually appeared will soon be repaired. Those thing makes Mozilla Firefox to be the most favorite browser.

Then, common users think that only with the browser, their computer will be safe from the hacker attack. In fact, their opinion is totally wrong. They still need to add antivirus, antispyware, firewall, etc to safe their computer.

NoScript is an extension from Firefox that can be used for saving the browser. The extension can be downloaded free from www.noscript.net. You can rely on it to block all types of scripts (especially JavaScript) installed in a website.

After installing NoScript, arrange it by right clicking at the window of Firefox, then choose menu [NoScript] > [Options…]. In [General] tab which is opened, add the wildcard to the site that you have made sure it is secure.

If NoScript finds a script in a site, it will inform by showing a message: “Scripts Currently Forbidden”. If you feel it is not harmful, click [Options] > [Temporarily allow file://] or [Options…] > [Allow file://] to allow that script type continuously.


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