Success stories do not always start with big ideas. Many successful that it was born from the idea trivial. There is also a big profit because of his shrewdness menangguk adopt and replicate the findings of others. But not a few also succeed because of his courage to risk and creativity in the innovation of something that already exists.

In her book, Emily Ross & Angus Holland this story quite interesting. He also sort out the success stories on the basis of history and trends, making it easier for readers to understand. An example is the success stories achieved by the force of the model adaptation. Ross & Holland says Starbucks that evolved from just a shop selling coffee beans, and Coca Cola which arise after packed in bottles.

The courage to take risks by the creators and innovators also a story in itself. The success of Apple become one of the sample size. The inventor, Steve Wozniak, was rejected when it submits them to Hewlett-Packard (HP). He then handed it to Steve Jobs, who later became his partner. With the capital money from selling the cars VW and Wozniak's HP calculator's Jobs, Apple's first design to finance their current 21-year-old Jobs and Wozniak five years older. Who would have thought that Apple is now transformed into a big business in the world.

Meanwhile, many big success also stems from the notion trivial. Liquid Paper is one such example. This product confusion stems from the inventor, Bette Graham. At that time, a mother who worked as a secretary is often stressful because of her work in typing. Imagine, how he headache when I have to make the results ketikannya neat and clean, while ketikannya often wrong.

One time he accidentally saw a painter was painting. Painter accidentally turned out to tarnish his work. To clean it, paint it and then overwrite it with white paint stains.

From there, Graham thought to do the same. He tried using white tempera paint and water-based thin brush to cover mistakes ketiknya. It worked. In 1957 as his friends knew this, Graham began to commercialize, to be able to sell about 100 bottles per month. Remarkably, 15 years later, the company established successfully sells at least five million bottles per year.

No less interesting is the huge success that happens because of cleverness in adopting the ideas of others. For example Dietrich Mateschitz a healthful tonic change in Thailand, the red water buffalo aka Krating Daeng, a sweet and frothy suitable for people of Austria. He then pack it more attractive in slim cans, and gave the Red Bull brand. With the claim as 'smart drinks' that can increase a person's performance, the Red Bull reap a huge success. In 2006, sales reached 3.5 billion U.S. dollars, and is now expected to far exceed that figure.

Success also can occur in someone who has the ability to innovate and to execute better against the idea that already exists. Michael Dell is one such example. He managed to penetrate the industry that worships innovation without making innovations with his own hands. He began to build a computer assembly in his rented room, and sells relatively cheap by mail. Now, who do not know Dell computer?

Same steps occur in Sergey Brin and Larry Page. He made a similar innovation, so it is now a successful Google search engine that rivals the much older then, like Yahoo, Alta Vista, and Lycos.

In this book also revealed about the inventor of the less fortunate. Instead advantage enjoyed by others instead. One example is Coco Chanel. When perfume is generally made with one type of flower, herb perfume Coco find remarkable: the mix several types of flowers that later produce Chanel No. 5. But unfortunately, due to difficulties in capital, Coco thirst berkongsi with Pierre Wertheimer family, which has the infrastructure to produce large-scale perfume. The result? Wertheimer family who actually enjoy the wealth, even to the grandchildren of today.

One hundred and successful tactics can be an inspiration to the reader, that great success can happen to anyone and by any means. The important thing is perseverance and courage in the face of risk.

You must know the product Mac, iPod, and most recently the iPhone. The third product is a very famous brand from Apple Inc. company. In fact, Apple is currently regarded as one of the most influential companies in the world of technology development. So, what exactly is key to the success of Apple's innovation in creating the technology?

Is the figure of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple was the one who has a vision far ahead so make Apple into a highly respected company until now. However, if you look at the story of Steve, we can actually see how he is the figure admirer of simplicity and beauty. These are the two key basis - in addition to his vision of the future - which makes Apple managed to break the dominance of Microsoftnya Bill Gates.

For those of you who are already familiar with some Apple products, would soon find out just how Apple products are very simple and user friendly. However, although simple, is very elegant. This is what makes Apple's always had a rabid fan. Of course, this can not be separated from the cold touch of the hands of the founder, Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 from an American mother, Joanne Carole Schieble, and father of Syrian nationality, Abdulfattah "John" Jandali. However, at birth, he soon adopted by the couple Paul and Clara Jobs. Since childhood, Jobs has shown interest in electronic devices. In fact, he never called William Hewlett - Packard Hewlett president - to have some electronic components for school work. This remark makes it offered jobs at during the summer holidays. Hewlett-Packard Company in this he met with Steve Wozniak, who became his partner founded Apple.

High IQ makes Steve join the class acceleration. But, he was often suspended because of bad behavior - to blow up firecrackers to remove the snake in the classroom. At the age of 17, he attended Reed College, Portland, Oregon. However, he dropped out after one semester. Even so, he still take a calligraphy class at the university. That's what makes it so loves beauty.

In 1974 he returned to California. He worked at Atari game company with Steve Wozniak. One time, Steve Jobs Wozniak interested in computer design. He also persuaded Wozniak to establish a computer company. And, since that is, exactly 1 April 1976, at the 21st usinya, Steve founded Apple Computer. Long story short, the success stories soon become part of her life with Apple.

However, when the company was growing, the board of directors of Apple fired Steve precisely because it was considered too ambitious. A dismissal of the company has established. Although time to feel down, because of his love of technology, he soon rose. Steve founded the NeXT Computer. Soon, he bought Pixar animated film company. Of the two companies that was his name again fly high. This is in contrast to what happened at Apple. The company was actually on the verge of bankruptcy.

At that moment, Steve returned to Apple, the result of Apple's acquisition of NeXT. Many people who predicted Steve never again be able to lift Apple. Steve responded with a cold. "I believe that one thing that can make me stay is that I love what I do. We must seek what we love. And it is true that our work is our lover. Our work will fill most of our lives. And the only way to achieve true satisfaction is to do what we believe, "said Steve.

Love is what brought Steve back to orbit Apple into the ranks of the elite manufacturers of top technological tools. iPod and iPhone is now a best-selling products on the market. His vision to the front also makes iTunes, successfully finished the most successful digital music store in the world. He replied doubt people with real work and brilliant results. Form of beautiful, elegant, simple, yet powerful, became the hallmark of Apple products today.

We love what we do will be our path to success. That's evidenced by the figure of Steve Jobs. In fact, although he was dropped and "expelled" from his own company, his love of technology make it back. This is proof that if we love our work wholeheartedly, the results achieved will be far more leverage.


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