Due to many complaints from readers who can not or difficult to make China's mobile phone or local branded mobile phones to be used as a modem, so I tried to give her a solution of the author's experience in making china mobile phone as a modem PC.

Here's how:

1. Download and extract the files USB_Modem_Driver_ponsel_china.zip in a folder on your computer.

2. Connect the phone to be in use on a computer using its USB cable. If his cell phone dual phone on, make sure first that the SIM card which will be used to surf natinya is SIM 1.

3. Once connected to a computer, usually on the phone appeared several options, usually the choice is Storage, Web Cam and Port Com. In this, make sure you select "Com Port".

4. Once the phone is connected in the Com Port mode, a notification will usually appear on the computer that found new hardware. Follow the wizard is. If anyone notices that the driver is not found, choose to install it manually (Have Disk.) Then, browse or search for a folder that was already in the extract on number 1 above, then click Next and Continue Anyway.

5. At this point, the phone you already recognize by the computer as a modem. To ensure that the phone has been recognized as a modem, on your computer, open Control Panel -> Phone And Modem Options -> Modems. There will appear the name of the modem: MTK GPRS USB Modem.

6. Double click on MTK GPRS USB Modem, Select the Diagnostics tab and then click Query Modem. If successful, the modem is functioning properly.

7. Then select the Advanced tab. In the Extra Initialization Command, fill it with: AT + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", "APN-as-service". So if you use a SIM card Telkomsel, then you fill in the AT + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", "Telkomsel". If using a SIM card XL, so that the fill is AT + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", "www.xlgprs.net" and others in accordance with the operator that you wear. If you've finished, click OK and OK again to complete.

8. The next step, on your computer, open Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Create a new connection. Click Next, Select Connect to the Internet then click Next. Select Setup my connection manually and click Next. Select Connect using a dial-up modem and click Next. In the ISP Name, type the name of the service such as SingTel and then click Next. In Phone Number, fill it with * 99 # and click Next. Fill in your Username with your username eg if telkomsel fill in the wap, then the password in the contents with a password according to its operator, eg if using Telkomsel, fill in the wap123. Click Next and then Finish.

The next step is to try connecting to the internet. The trick is:

Start -> Connect To and select the connection name that has been created earlier eg Telkomsel, anaesthetized click Dial. If successful, it means you can browse the internet. If this fails, try to repeat the steps above.

Note: If you do not succeed with the steps above, please provide comments here so we can discuss it together.


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