Software applications and sms phone tapper is one of the many mobile applications in the search by many users who want to add features or software into the phone. Applications tapper phone and sms is actually to monitor or monitor the condition of one's own cell phone until the phone to others. Below is a collection of software applications that can be used as bugging phones and sms can you please try to download

1. Mobile Secuware
Features Secure Mobile tapper can be used to monitor the baby through the features of its Remote Monitoring. In addition, this application provided the ability to anti-theft, if at any time your phone is lost or stolen, can diketahuilewat M-Trax facilities and existing data can be saved didalamnyapun.
This application can be downloaded at http://www.mobile-secuware.com

2. Xelnex Lite
This application can be used to record incoming and outgoing telephone conversations without first sound of 'beep'. So, kept confidential. Bias recording file format AMR, WAV or MP3, with a storage location can be set in the phone memory or memory card. This application can be downloaded at http://shop.psiloc.com/d/s60/XelnexLite_s603rd.sisx

3. Mobile-Spy
It is a surveillance service, which allows users of Windows Smartphone-based phone log to monitor activity such as text messages and phone information secretly. This application can be downloaded at http://www.mobile-spy.com/MobileSpy.CAB.

4. BT Info (ftp_bt 1:05 J2ME)
Besides being used to extract SMS, BT Info application can also control all the functions of mobile phones, ranging from access to keypad, Phonebook, profile, alarm, volume, camera, phone (dialing), a master reset to turn off the phone. It's just that, tapping can be limited to Bluetooth cell phone coverage, about 10 meters. This application can be downloaded at http://en.k508i.wz.cz/jar/ftp_bt_105.jar

5. Call Recorder and ALGAYA Call Magic
Call Recorder is an application to record a telephone dialogue, which when combined with smart applications ALGAYA Call Magic, then we are otyomatis bias phone to answer calls without pressing any key and without a sound ringtone.
Call Recorder applications can be downloaded at
Call Magic ALGAYA Applications can be downloaded at

6. TimedSpy
This application can be used as a surveillance equipment and we can set the camera phone to shoot in different time intervals, even send them directly to our other mobile phone numbers, via mms.
This application can be downloaded at http://www.diginaut.com/mobile/archive/TimedSpyTrial.sis

7. Magic Blue Hack
The features available in this application is the Make Call, Send SMS, Phonebook, Write Phonebook, Call Answer Call and Hang. This application can be downloaded at
http://www.getjar.com/products/15782/MagicBlueHack. or can be downloaded directly from the phone, type wap.GetJar.com> Quick Download> Fill in the code 29748.

The working principle of this application is by manipulating the Bluetooth phone to send files / data to target phone repeatedly. With a sense, transmission will not stop even if the target phone reject (reject) file that is sent. The only way is to turn off the Bluetooth mobile phone. This application can be downloaded at http://www.symbian-freak.com/downloads/app/3rd_ed/BT_TeRoR_S60v3.zip

9. Mobiscope Beta
This application allows mobile users to access a PC camera (webcam) via phone, with easy and amaan. Understandably, these services are supported facilities passwords. Interestingly again, this software also features a motion sensor and a scheduler, to record situasipada certain time. This application can be downloaded at http://www.mobiscope.com/.

10. SMS Anywhere
This application works by forwarding (forward) all SMS sent and received by the target phone and work without sepengtahuan phone owners. Because this application does not menggunaklan user interface so it will not appear on the screen phone. phone tapper and sms software can be downloaded at http://www.wireless-labs.com/smsanywhere/.


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