Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distributions because it is very easy to use, it's constant growth and all the options and applications are included in your package.

This Linux distribution (like others) is designed with the idea of ​​giving everyone access to quality free software open source, which continues to grow and improve. This has favored the creation of a large user community that provides ongoing support for this project.

The Ubuntu distribution we will find a practical application package will cover all our needs once we install in our computer. To become a little more specific, this includes basic application package Mozilla web browser (Firefox), open source office suite OpenOffice, The Gimp image editor versatile, plus an email client, various games and many utilities that will allow us to begin to benefit from the operating system very good as soon as we have installed it.

Ubuntu uses EXT4 system files and it includes Compiz Fusion so that users who only use Windows want to have the problem of adaptation.

There are three different editions of Ubuntu are available at this time, one for desktop and laptop computers, one for servers and one specifically designed for netbooks.

If you still have not tried Linux, you must start by installing the distribution of the best known and most accessible, Ubuntu.

New features included in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx:

- A new version of GNOME.
- Improvements to the Control Center that includes the possibility of more.
- Implementation of the new interface.
- Multiple updates and fixes packages.

For those interested please download here


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