As we know, Windows 7 is the creation of Microsoft's latest operating system that quite successfully attract devotees. This is because the features provided good but not really need the hardware specs are not too big.

But after all is also a computer that uses Windows OS needs to do some more optimization for maximum Windows performance. No need to add hardware at all, simply do directly from Windows default settings alone. Here are some tips for optimizing performance of Windows 7.

Adding Virtual Memory. By default, Windows allocates space on the hard disk in accordance with the minimum threshold. But you can make settings manually to add a large memory on your computer. Windows Virtual Memory is used automatically if the RAM has been working to reach the maximum limit. Virtual Memory is meant here is an internal memory of additional disk space taken from space. So you do not need any additional equipment other than your own computer, interesting is not it?

* Right click on the icon "My Computer" (the default), then select "Properties".
* Then you'll be taken to the Basic Information window. Click on the option "Advanced System Settings".
* On the Advanced System Settings tab, click on "Performance> Settings", will appear Virtual Memory table. Click on "Change".
* Uncheck the "Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers. Then you select "Custom Size" and give the number (1000 in the Initial Size) and figures (2000 in the Maximum Size), then click the "Set".
* Restart your computer to get the effect of changing these settings.

Disable UAC feature (User Account Control). UAC is a security feature which is the default in Windows 7 like Windows Vista. This feature will appear each time you access a file or application that is not recognized or new. Quite useful but some do feel disturbed, if you feel disturbed, just turn off.

* You can enter the "Search" via the Start menu> right click> search or through the "Windows + R" (Run menu). Both have the same goal. Type "msconfig" and Enter.
* Select the "Tools", look for the words "Change UAC Settings", then click the "Launch".
* Then stay drag & drop slice bar on "Never Notify". Restart your computer to get the effect.

Changing the Menu Show Delay. The default Windows 7 has a loading time in the Start Menu is 400 millisecond. You can change this figure to be smaller or even as you wish for faster loading.