So far, the Indonesian Internet users can only enjoy the Internet services based on 3G-3.5G only. After conducting trials of free services and launched a paid service; Sitra Operator's first 4G WiMAX Broadband Internet Indonesia fulfill its promise to deliver a reliable connection WiMAX 4G. Sitra offers innovative products and services and quality for the sake of convenience and a satisfying online experience for broadband Internet users in Greater Jakarta.

Sitra has recently released a commercial package is worth a try. Following specifications:

- Subscription fee of Rp 299,000 / month (including modem)

- Speed ​​Max. 3 Mbps with speeds consistently at 1.5 Mbps

(If other data providers only dare to offer a maximum speed of not daring to mention what the average speed that users get, Sitra choose to open to provide consistent speeds to its customers.)

- Quota 50 GB

(Is the largest quota in the market so far, enough to download 17 000 MP3 files downloaded with a range of 30 seconds for each file it).

- 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

(Previously no data operators that impose a money-back guarantee)

Sitra is 4G WiMAX broadband service that operates at a frequency of 2.3 GHz in Greater Jakarta, Banten Province, North Sumatra and Aceh.

Sitra Services now can be enjoyed in several areas such as the Kebon Jeruk, Karawaci, Serpong, Bintaro, and Puri Kembangan. And now Sitra open booth in Karawaci and Hypermart Puri Indah, Carrefour Puri Indah, WTC Matahari Serpong, Giant Bintaro Sek. 8 and LOTTEMART Serpong for customers who want to test or subscribe.

With easy, Sitra can be found at outlets Welcomm Shop, Golden Shop, and also can subscribe by


More detailed information on coverage can be seen in http://registration.sitrawimax.com/servlet/CheckCoverage Sitra


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