Welcome to Beginners Guide Google Search Engine Optimization This document first began as an effort to help the team in Google, but we think this guide will be as useful for webmasters who masi new to the topic search engine optimization and want to increase interaction with the user and search engine sites them. Although the guide does not tell any secrets that will automatically improve your site's ranking on search on Google (sorry), following the practices outlined below will facilitate the search engines to crawl and index your content.

Search engine optimization is often about small modifications on the part of your website. When viewed separately, these changes may seem like a gradual improvement, but when combined with other optimizations, they can have a real impact on user experience and performance on search results oganik your site. You seem to already be familiar with most topics in this guide, because they are an essential ingredient for all web pages, but you will not use it all.

Although the title of this guide contains the word "search engine", we want to convey that you have to make optimization decisions terlebuh first and foremost what is best for visitors to the site. They are the main consumers of content and use search engines to find your job. Too focused on changes terterntu to achieve organic results rankings on search engines may not deliver the desired results. Search engine optimization is to present the best of your site when faced with the availability of search engines.

An example may help to explain you, so we have created a fictitious web site following the overall guidelines. For each topic, we present sufficient information about the site to illustrate the points in question. Here's some background information on the site that we will use:

• Name of website / business: "Brandon's Baseball Cards"
• Domain Name: brandonsbaseballcards.com
• Focus: selling baseball cards online only, price guides, articles, and news content
• Sizes: Small, ~ 250 pages

Here I can not explain it at length because I include a link to download the video and pdf files which where you can view details and direct practice.



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