Mobile phones are often accused to be dangerous for children. But nowadays, LG has released a mobile phones under the CDMA technology which is specially made for children, named LG Migo that makes the parents can control and keep in touch with their kids all the time.

This Korean vendor has made Migo to be an alternative friendly gadget for children. With two built funny antennas, this green mobile phone called Shreek Phone has a call restriction in calling some telephone numbers. The Migo has a speakerphone, but unfortunately it lacks of camera, games and text messaging. It is perfect for children size hands and easily put it into their pockets.

Its small 1 inch screen (96x32 pixels) comes in monochrome display. But, it is able to display the caller ID, battery status, time and signal strength. The user can only call four numbers that have been entered into the contact list. To make a call, just press the related number button, and press the Talk button.

This phone can be programmed by the parents since the phone book is password protected so that the kids won't be able to change the contact list. If our children touch any button, they will be given choices such as " Need to call daddy?" , "Need to call home?" or other commands we have set. This mobile phone is suitable for children in age 5 to 8 years old.

Parents do not have to worry if their children are not at home since LG has installed the Global Positioning System (GPS). They are able to know the children's position although their children are not using the mobile phones.

The complete features of LG Migo as follow:
* Child-Friendly Compact Design
* Super Simplified Keypad and Interface
* 4 Parent Programmable Numbers
* Dedicated Emergency Key
* Booming Speakerphone
* Cute, Compact Design to Fit Small Hands
* Unique, Bright Green Color
* Ultra Lightweight
* Simplified Keypad with Large Keys
* User-Friendly Interface
* Blue Backlit LCD for Caller ID and Missed Calls
* 2 Small Antennas - one for radio frequency and one for GPS
* Side Volume Control Keys
* Integrated Headset Jack
* Hook for Use with Wristlets, Karabiners (Backpack Clips), and other Accessories
* Dedicated Emergency Button (Programmable Number)
* Phonebook with 4 Programmable Numbers
* Multi-Tap Entry Method
* Full-Duplex Speakerphone
* 10 Fun and Unique Ringtones for Kids
* Vibrate Mode
* 32-Chord Polyphonic Ringtone Support
* Ringtone Caller ID (for 4 Numbers)
* Hearing Aid Compatible (M3-Rating)


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