You may know with the mobile service which offers you a feature where the users are able to know someone's location through the mobile phone. The secret behind the feature is the Location Based Service (LBS). LBS is a feature that relies on the information of someone's location to be sent to himself through the cell broadcast or to someone else through Short Message Service (SMS).

Imagine that you are on the way traveling with your family. For one reason, you are separated from them. With this service, you are able to know their location through your mobile phone as long as you use the same provider with your family.

Although the available service has been sophisticated, LBS feature has a weakness. It can not give you information of someone's location specifically since it only relies on BTS (Base Transceiver Station) location. The information of someone's location is only provided in a text message which tends to be not specific to give the exact location. But, today Belysio is introduced as a new technology with better facilities. It is a bundle of digital navigation application and social network. That is the reason why Belysio is called My Social Navigator.

Location Tracking
There are some alternative methods used by Belysio. First, the location tracking with Cell ID. Belysio will recognize what BTS you are connected to. The accuracy of location tracking is from 500 meter to 5 km. Second, Belysio uses Cell broadcast where it can get the location information from your telecommunication provider using the Google Maps. This way reduces the accuracy compared with using the cell ID. However, you are able to know the people surrounding.

GPS is another alternative way used by Belysio to track someone's location. This is the most accurate method. You can be detected in 20 meter radius. But the weakness of this method is that it can only be used outside the building. Fourth, you can perform manual input. Its accuracy is relative. It depends on the users whether they input with correct and detail information or not. Fifth, Belysio provides instant messenger and email as a channel to share the location information of user which is now supported by Gtalk and MSN.

Not only the features mentioned above, you also have an access to Facebook where you can create your own address book. You can also access another social network sites such as MySpace, Xing, Netlog or Linkedin. With Belysio service you are able to know the weather forecast, or news from Routers and Wikipedia.

Some types of mobile phone are unstable in running Belysio application. Auto location feature is not available in all types and brands of mobile phone. Only few mobile phone like Sony Ericcson and Nokia are able to run the feature. This free application can be downloaded by visiting the sites. Sign up and fill the registration form. Then, you will receive a message in your mobile phone contains link to download the Belysio application. If you have already downloaded and installed the application, Belysio will automatically detect your position. The information can be received from GPS, your web cell identification or cell broadcasting through your mobile phone which is supported by the telecommunication provider.

I have a tips for you who need more privacy since you don't want anyone to identify your position. You can hide the information by running the Belysio, enter to My Belysio tab>>more>>My location>>Turn off location. If you sometimes would like to know whether you share your location or not, simply go to My Belysio>> My location, then find an eye picture in the right corner of your mobile phone screen. If you see the sign, it means that your location can be identified by others.


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