The pedestrians safety in crossing the road is often neglected. To overcome this matter, a virtual wall is designed as a concept to replace the regular traffic lights found at many intersection. With this gadget which is called Laser Wall Pedestrian Crossing, the road users will be more aware with the safety of pedestrians.

The operating method of the virtual wall is almost the same with the regular traffic lights, but it consists of two masts placed in each side of facing road creating a red wall and people images. The Laser Wall use plasma laser beams to show the road users giant red silhouettes of crossing pedestrians into the lane of oncoming traffic and inform the road users to stop. It will make them to be more careful in driving on the roads.

Big red shadow of pedestrians will look eye catchy while they are crossing the roads. But some questions come to mind are will this red laser really work under the sunlight and thin air? Does it need some kinds of fog particles or smoke to reflect the laser? Or is there any other kind of laser that can be seen under the sunlight and thin air? Is it safe for our eyes to see the laser light?

This gadget is likely more expensive than regular traffic lights. It may not be bright enough under the sunlight. It may be hard to create the correct red color with the chemistry of our atmosphere. And the questions rose above still need to be answered.

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