Mobile phone has many features helping people to make a call, send messages, record every historical moment, etc. Low end mobile phone only includes few features limited to make a call and send messages. But, in middle and high end mobile phones, many additional features were added by the manufacturer like camera and video recording, music players, infra red or Bluetooth connection, and others.

For mobile phones with multimedia contents, there are many ways to share them. Basic way is to use data cable or infra red connection. Nowadays, Bluetooth is more popular method for file transfer. With this connection, the dispatch will be more practical as it doesn't have to be too close with the destination gadget.

But the premise behind Jibe Mobile is simply to be able to use your phone to share social media already on the Web with a lot of people wherever they are, whether they are online or out with their phones. This feature offers you to share videos, photos or chat via sharing site using GPRS or 3G. With this application, you can access Facebook, email, Youtube, Photobucket, Flickr and you can also search for photos and videos in a single click.

Basically, Jibe runs by using file, video or photo sharing facilities over the Internet which is bundled in one chic application. As the result, you do not have to separately visit each browser. You can upload and download multimedia files directly from Jibe application. Installing Jibe is very easy. Just sign up here. Simply put your name, email address, phone provider, country, mobile phone number, password, sex, location, date of birth and your photograph. When you have joined, a message notification will be sent to your mobile phone containing a link to be followed in which you can download the application to your phone (including ones from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson) through the link provided.

After installing the application, please login with account you have already registered. In standard view, you can see your friend list. The bold name means that your friend is online, and if it is not bold, it means your friend is offline. For online friends, you can directly send any messages and files. But, for your offline friends, your messages will be sent to their email. Start your sharing buddies!


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