Internet has grown rapidly. Millions of websites spread over the internet giving us valuable information and supporting various activities. For a beginner, having a free blog is a kind of choice. But, if we want to be more serious, we should use a webhosting service. Before choosing a proper webhost, we must consider about the price, reliability, security, the server technology, flexibility, and more.

I have just visited a web hosting rating site which looks perfect in giving some features that we may need. For the first sight, it has a professional design and well arranged in providing comprehensive information about webhosting providers, which will be a consideration for you to choose their service.

This site has compared the best webhosting and put them into a list which assists you to get the detailed information. We can see a list of top 10 providers of web hosting with spaces, traffic information, and prices in which you can choose one provider affordable and proper to your needs. You can see the rating of each providers which given by their users, and also their opinions after using the provider services which is useful for your consideration.

And, wow! It even has awards for the best providers of web hosting at the end of each month. Something I rarely found in other sites. It lists 12 web hosts which are the best of each of their categories such as Best Budget Hosting, Best UNIX Hosting, Best Dedicated Hosting, etc.

I also found an article section where it provides many useful articles to help us preparing, choosing and maintaining our domains. The recent article I find there is about how to choose a web hosting provider which is able to give us maximum uptime. So helping!


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