Nowadays blackberry is very popular. This gadget is not only holding a role in communication but also in prestige. You must pay more attention in keeping your Blackberry. Make sure that you have kept your valuable data safely or you may experience the same thing which happened to John McCain campaign team. One of the team member sold his Blackberry to a FOX TV reporter for US$ 20. It contains many secret data regarding the campaign. You can guess what happened next.

So, what should we do to safe your Blackberry? I will tell you how.

1. Treat your Blackberry as a PC
You will not shop online, open email attachment or check your bank accounts in PC without activate firewall, antivirus, antimalware protection in advance, will you? Well, you must treat the same to your Blackberry. Basically, it is not different to your PC.

It is a big mistake if you think viruses and malwares will not infect the Blackberry. If you have not installed an antivirus, your Blackberry may have been infected by viruses. Based on current research by Smobile Systems, Spyware is the most infecting malware in Blackberry which contaminates every incoming email and messages.

2. Don't be careless
While sun bathing at the sea side, we can activate our Blackberries, check and reply emails, call your client, and even check your bank account. Most Blackberry users treat it carelessly. For example, when a user is on the plane, he does not realize that the person who sits behind him can monitor what he is doing to his Blackberry.So, be careful when using the device among the crowds.

3. Do not forget where you put it
This tips is the most reasonable but can be a big disaster to Blackberry users. The device is small in size so that while you are talking to your buddies in a food court and put it in restaurant table, you can easily forget to keep it back to your pocket. It also a big chance to the thieves to steal important data or even install the Trojan horse in a few seconds after keeping the handset.

4. Always doing back up
If you did not follow the No. 3 advice, and you are confused where your Blackberry is, what should you do? Well, it depends on your readiness. If the device is owned by your company you work for, and it has Blackberry server, you can directly contact the IT office. They can lock and erase the device data from distance.

But, if it's your own, or your company does not have the above support, you must consider to install the proper software. Buy a program which provides a remote access means you can lock the device so that other people will not be able to access your Blackberry. You can also make a back up of your information which saved in the device. Buying the software means you only save the data information in the handset and if your device is lost, you can buy a new one and keep back your valuable information.

5. Use Encryption
Encryption facility is already available in Blackberry, but not many users activating the facility. Do not forget to use a password in your Blackberry to prevent other people use your handset.


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