All industries and people like us must need computers and other related products to support our businesses and daily activities. Some big companies often plan to fritter their obsolete hardwares away and replace them with the new one. However, this so called obsolete hardwares may be still good and useful for smaller companies or individuals.

After did a browsing yesterday, I discovered the Infinit Technology Solution site, which focused its main business in selling new and refurbished products like switches, routers, servers, firewalls, and also many products related to telecommunications and securities. They sell many products of the well known and reputed brands such as Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, HP, Compaq, IBM, Dell, 3Com, etc.

The products which are new or refurbish come in affordable prices and added with up to five years warranty. The refurbished products will help smaller companies or individuals to get proper products as they need with spending less money.

Infinit provides various Networking products like routers, switches, hubs, jacks, wireless products, etc. While in the Servers category, they offer all types of KVMs, cables, video splitters, video switches, etc. Several top brands servers available here such as Dell, IBM, HP and SenacaData. In Telecommunication products, they offer Cisco, Avaya, Merlin and Nortel brands ranging in IP phones, switches, voice interface card, and expansion modules.

Since nearly 80 % loss of information is caused by the stolen or lost computers equipment, they provide us with Check Point data security solutions including Data Security, Parameter Security and Crossbeam Systems as Network Security solution.

Cisco training and interesting financing program available here have become value added services. Their professional officers will provide us the best quality cost effective solution in providing all of our IT needs.


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