Microsoft recently announced the new version of mobile system operation, Windows Mobile 6,5. Beside that, they also confirmed the newest version of Internet Explorer (IE) Mobile based on the IE 6, My Phone – an application for making a back up and sync the contacts, photos, or other data in mobile device, Windows Marketplace for Mobile and Microsoft Recite.

Windows Mobile 6.5
Windows Mobile 6.5 (WM 6.5) presented a new user interface with "Honeycomb" appearance, hexagonal tiles in each program, designed to facilitate the touch screen feature. We can also customize the start menu with various internet applications such as stock report or weather forecast which are updated automatically. This is one step forward from iPhone which also has the same features but have to be updated manually.

Overall, UI WM 6.5 has been designed to simplify the hand use in operating various Windows Mobile based mobile phones. The main screen appearance resembles the Zune. Other features from WM 6.5 enable the user to access all messages in voice, text or other information directly from the main screen of their mobiles. The user can directly unlock from an icon which directly brings them to the proper application and ready to be operated.

Internet Explorer Mobile
The new version of IE Mobile is made based on the IE 6, whereas Microsoft has been in the final stage of IE 8 for PC nowadays. The current addition of mobile version is to demonstrate various sites in mobile phone screen same as PC does.

Microsof My Phone
Microsoft My Phone (MMP) feature announced in the beginning of this month is designed to back up contacts, photos, calendar and other data from our mobile phones to a website with a password protected. But, unfortunately, this free service limited to few users who have been invited. For the good news, MMP is also made for WM 6.0 and 6.1.

Microsoft Mobile Store / Marketplace
Microsoft finally gives a challenge to application market of Apple which has been success. The consumers are able to buy the application of Windows Mobile via Carrier or sites such as Handango, etc. This market concept enables the users to download the application directly from their mobile phones.

Microsoft Recite
The last feature offered by Microsoft is Recite, enables the users to record voices or other audio files in the mobile device which using WM, and then search for the keyword of the recording by using the voice of the user.


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