Faxing through the PC is not a brand new solution anymore. The supporting applications are available, one of them is Winfax, the most often used software. Many of us may have been familiar with this service and have already used it. In my previous company, Winfax had substituted the regular fax machine and it has omitted the cost to buy a fax machine. We can also operate it at home as long as we have a computer and phone line.

Winfax is a windows based software allocated to a computer which has a dial up modem which supports the fax to have a direct connection to the conventional fax or other computer completed with a modem and the same software. So, we must have a dial up modem which supporting the fax function and phone line to enable us in using the Winfax service. Modems sold over the markets generally support it.

The features of the application are almost the same with the conventional one. By using WinFax, we are not only able to send but also to retrieve faxes from or to fax machines, computer using WinFax or Email.

Using WinFax gives us some advantages compared with using the conventional fax, such as we can do a simultaneous fax completed with scheduling facility, we don't need to print out the documents we are going to fax, automatically retrying and reporting facilities, the WinFax software can be automated (encapsulated) through the collaboration with other applications, such as programming language or script, we can send fax using email, and faxing through the computers on the web.

Some of us think that WinFax can be operated in all internet connected computers. It is totally wrong. WinFax can only be operated in a computer completed with a dial up modem which supports fax and of course, a phone line. In addition, we are able to send fax through the internet by using a web-based fax services.

Winfax Tutorial (how to use it)


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