Using old-fashioned fax machine often takes much space, expensive and not portable. Why don't we use our PC or notebook for sending and receiving faxes? If we take this method, we can omit the fund to buy a fax machine, operational and maintenance charges and also we don't have to pay for telephone usage. We can use an application like Winfax or other web based faxing services through the internet to change our PC to be a skillful fax machine.

Online fax service is ideal for your business concerning to its low operational price and its mobility. With this service, we can send and receive faxes anywhere as long as we are connected to the internet. We just need to spend a few dollars each month, other asks you to "pay as you go" or some other gives you a free service.

This online service basically combines the web browser and email services in sending and receiving faxes, which means we send and receive fax through the email or the website, Even some of them are integrated to email account and business application like Microsoft Office. If we subscribe to the service, we will get a fax number in which we can share it to our relations. Some services even enable us to have a local fax numbers in certain countries or allow us to upgrade our fax number to be a toll-free number.

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