Beside using some tips and tricks in previous posting, we can also save the internet cost by using bandwidth usage saver service. We can use this service to volume based internet access or limited usage quota, so that we can save more kilobytes of our usage. Toonel is one of the service provider.

Toonel is a service to save internet bandwidth by using tunneling technique combined with data compressing. The service compresses data package from Toonel client (Service user) to one of Toonel service and then forward it to destination host. The decrease of resources size transfered between client and server contributing our bandwidth usage efficiency. If we use volume based internet connection for transferring data like 3G, GPRS, CDMA or ADSL, it will be a proper solution to save internet cost. Toonel is also useful to internet access with download limitation or narrowband connection like dial-up.

This service is not only free but also offering similar features to other commercial bandwidth saver services like OnSpeed. Toonel performs tunneling and compressing to all TCP/IP data traffic like HTTP, Email, FTP, etc so that it can maximize our bandwidth usage. Moreover, this service supports GIF and JPEG file compression since Toonel offers amount of java based client application package. We have to make sure the Java Runtime Environment (J2SE JRE) has been installed to the platform of our operation system.

We can use Toonel client not only in PC but also to mobile phones with Symbian's Personal Java and Windows Mobile Java. A good solution for us who use internet in PDA or Pocket PC. You can try it out :).

Download Toonel Client
Download J2SE JRE
Toonel Installation Tutorial


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