Many blackberry users has found that RIM implementation is not as well as IM app they usually use. 3Jam, has developed their sms applications for Blackberry devices. I have never used their service, but it seems better and constructive for their enhancement. 3jam has launched 3jam Super Text which threads your messages just look like in IM Client.

The service does not require you to buy any sms credit for sending messages like their regular online sms, and there is no subscription fee either. You just need to download their 7 day trial and if you like their service, you can purchase the app for $19.99. You can download the trial via this OTA link to your BlackBerry. You can also read more about the application here.

The application works the same with your ordinary sms which organizes all outgoing and incoming messages into a good looking, threaded interface. Your friends do not have to sign up, and they can reply your sms right away from their mobile phones.

By the way, following are their nice features:

The 3jam Threaded SMS app was made to be super fast, with no-handed access to read incoming messages. Replying is very simple and easy.


At last, you can use threaded SMS on your Blackberry. Conversation lists are sorted by sender instead of a simple listing of all your messages and you will never lose any messages again due to Blackberry’s auto delete function since the sms are stored in a separate folder. For saving memory space, you can even export the messages to email!

US Blackberry users can start a group conversation which does not require every recipient of your messages using their service, your friends just required to have an sms – enabled mobile phones.

Incoming messages automatically show up in the conversation thread in the scrolling IM view!

You need to choose whether you want to show senders and most recent messages on one line or two.

The app does not require data connection and major features can be easily changed based on your taste!


The Girl mengatakan... @ 13 April 2009 23.42

Still in dreaming with Blackberry :)

Anonim mengatakan... @ 20 Juni 2009 09.09

I would definitely NOT buy this product if you expect anything by way of support. I paid the $19.99 but the code they sent me was invalid. I had made at least a dozen inquiries by phone, sms and email to them, NO RESPONSE! NONE! Try contacting them first before you buy and see what happens. Good luck.

Anonim mengatakan... @ 20 Juni 2009 09.09

3Jam is what the comment above is about.

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