A great designer, Yves Behar, gives a miracle touch to OLPC 2nd Ver, which is going to be the first "All-Screen" laptop in the world. Apple names this project with"Brick" and it will be a hybrid blend between iPhone and Macbook Air.

Brick contains a virtual keyboard, a track pad, and adaptive multi touch screen which it can change depend on what circumstances the layout is.

When you fold Brick open horizontally, it will turn to Laptop mode, where on the bottom part a virtual keyboard keypad is available, and the top part of it turns to be a screen. The screen seems to be a regular screen except it’s touch sensitive, and has a good response to hand move as double taps for zoom, etc.

When the two parts are opened fully, Brick will turn to be a tablet with full touch screen. This mode is very useful for web surfing, browsing, photo editing, and viewing music visualization.

When you fold Brick open vertically, each layers will be transformed to be an electronic page and useful for reading. It will show eBooks, eMags, or a site view. The readers will navigate by slide the layer to turn the page to reverse side.

It’s the same with tablet mode, but it is for teo persons. When layer button is pressed, the layer can be used by two persons who sit face to face. It is very useful for collaborative works and games.

So, why it is named with Brick? Because it will smash Windows!


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Great stuff

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