Bandwidth is not free. Subscribing internet with huge bandwidth still becomes a luxurious thing in Indonesia. The bigger bandwidth, the price will be higher, so that only a few people can enjoy the big bandwidth and even far away from the bandwidth size they actually need. It takes a pity when a bandwidth is used inefficiently as the result of thousands viruses, spam, adware, etc or the unbalance of bandwidth usage among the applications in the PC which access the internet. In wider scope, as in computer network, the unbalance of internet usage often occurs among the clients which access the internet.

To overcome this matter, we need an application or software which enables us to monitor and limit the bandwidth usage in our PC or local network. This type of program used to be called bandwidth manager or network management software. Bandwidth Controller is the free one. The tool provides us the administrator network feature which is able to control the flow and the traffic shape, along with the automatic components for internet allocation & provision. By using the tool, we can manage the speed limit on file-sharing or peer-to-peer traffic. It gives us high priority in sensitive data streaming like Voice over IP call.

Bandwidth Controller can contorl all the running traffic through the computer where the tool has been installed. It supports 2 types of network environments, Gateway Mode and Server-Free Mode (Router or Modem). The Bandwidth Controller includes 3 editions :

* Bandwidth Controller Personal , for single user bandwidth management. (free)
* Bandwidth Controller Standard, for home and small office networks.
* Bandwidth Controller Enterprise, for service providers and corporate networks.

Tutorial for Bandwidth Controller Configuration
Download the Bandwidth Controller


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