Internet telephony or VoIP has been a good alternative to gain a cheaper solution in internet communication, which uses VoIP Provider service. By using the service, we can not only make a call from PC to PC, but also from PC to landline or mobile phones. Thing that becomes an obstacle is that the voice quality is not good since the distortion affects the call.

To overcome this matter, we need additional devices which are able to run a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) of the voice so that it can be sent through the internet better. The devices could be a PC Card VoIP or Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA), so we don’t need to use PC sound card that is not basically designed for internet telephony. By using those devices, we can reduce the resource load on the system, so that it decreases the heavy duty of our PC. With DSP ability, the voice signal transmitted through the internet will be returned without any defects, echoes, or delays which we usually face when we use software based VoIP with the sound card.

Basically, main facility offered by ATA is changing analog telephone in order to be able to be used as a VoIP telephone so that we can make a communication over the internet like using a standard telephone without buying an IP Phone. Beside that, some ATA products offer voice mail so that the caller can leave a message when we are not stand by in front of the computer, in case that our computer stays in active and has internet connection over 24 hours. In addition, there are some which have an ability to be a gateway for terminating to PSTN phones, so that all communication conversations can be shifted to a cheap VoIP call like in Linksys SPA-3000 product.

Analog Telephone Adaptor is also able to be used in IP PBX system which can connect a PBX telephone system up to 16 pcs of IP telephony device like Linksys SPA9000-NA product. The product not only has telecommunication features like other PBX devices, but also has auto attendant feature to receive an incoming call through voice recording, three ways phone conference, intercom, etc.

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